Sunday, March 02, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

We are doing the Easy BIG TIME today!
SERIOUS sunpuddles!
But tomorrow, ya all are gonna see some STRANGE PICTURES...  Fer US...  OF us...

Happy Dr Suess Day!

The Big Thing's Gardenpool:

"Oh you" laffed the neighbors,
You never will grow
Anny veggies inside
Of TBT's yard, fool!

The yard is too shady
It's grungy an shaley.
Its far too gravelly
An the air is all hazy.

An ya might as well know
That the wampas are wavy.
Ya just can't grow bolets
In dirt that's all cravey!

Ya might get some weeds
Or ya might grow some hans
But growing the humphas
Ya not surely can.

But seriously man,
If ya brubbed 30 years
Ya never will grow
A good wimpum or leers.

We thought about that,
An we had ta agree
That wimpums an humphas
would never grow here.

So we thought of some things
That would grow here quite well.
Like huffleburrs.,
Catberrymint (we love that smell).

And kitty-furs, dog-berries
Whowhats and Snells!
Why there isn't a THING that
we couldn't grow well .

So we took out the garden tools
A, F, and Z
And proceeded to dig up
Our soil, you see.

Oh the kur-berries, zonkuns,
and flourey trees could feed
Us fer months even
Years, if you please!

So won't you try new things
Or old things,
Or odd things?
Or even the things never heard of before?

Cuz you'll never go wrong
If you try something newthing.
The whole of the game
Is to try a new Seussything!

So iffen ya want a good thing ta be true,
All ya hafta real do is the thing that ya do
Ta grow huffleburrs, whowhats
and cranberry-snells,

In the place where the dream
In yer hearts really dwell,
Where the places the sad little
"Youcant" birds cannot be found
In the Suessyland world where
Hopes all abound.


Happy Dr Seuss Day to all the world over!