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Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Farupday

MARLEY:  The top of the shoe rack is more Far Up fer me than it is fer Ayla.  It SHOULDNT be cuz Im bigger than she is so I can stretch halfway up there already, but she is a way better jumper than I am.  So much more that she just casually naps up there.

*I* only go up there fer the food.  Ya see, Iza will eat all the food in bowls on the floor, so I cant leave anny there "fer later".  But Ayla doesnt usally eat all of hers.  Well, she IS smaller than me an Iza (but gets the same amount of food).  TBT is always trying ta get a little more weight on her.

So after long enough, when I get hungry again, I jump up ta see iffen there is anny food left in Aylas bowl (she likes her bowl up on the green towel). 

This time there was an I finished it real quick.  TBT just caught me plannin my landing on the waterbed below (which has a couple superthick blankies on it ta protect it from our claws).