Thursday, March 13, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Well, our first garden tour of the year!  Finally, somethin is growin...  There are lots of individual ones poppin up, but I have several nice clusters ta show ya.

The first 2 are skwerl-clusters, cuz they are out by the garden an TBT knows he NEVER planted anny way out there.
So some evil skwerl dug a couple up from the lawn some time ago and replanted them  by the garden "for later".  And of course the stupid things ferget about half of what they bury.  So these clusters have developed from one bulb multiplying slowly over the years.
This one is deliberately planted.  It loves this spot.  Previously planted crocus bulbs in the lawn tend to die off after a few years, but this one just keeps coming back.  TBT remembers seein it back in 2001.  Its right below the deck rails, so it is easy ta remember.
And they arent all purple.  These yeller ones are in the flower border.  The whole border used ta be full of them, but there are only 5 clusters left now.  The voles have gotten all the rest.
And, of course, daffodils are stickin their leafs up now all over.  Some have flowers that are gonna open soon.  This is the best area of daffodils.
Now since its kinna windy, lets all run inside the house an catchat.  We have some Pounce, some Greenies, and warm chicken broth with Nip.  And plenty of toys, too...