Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Rare Snow Treat

IZA:  Well, we have finally caught up ta the recent snow pictures, and *I* have a pleasant surprise.  It started when TBT FINALLY opened the deck door after the night snow fell.  I had been waiting a bit desperately.    Why?  Well, let me sneak up on that a bit.

First, those are MY pawprints in the snow.  I was innerested in the faint birdie tracks, so I went right out.
I was too fast fer TBT ta realize why I wanted OUT, some of these are later pictures, but it makes more sense ta show them first.  See my pawprint at that hole in the snow?  I dug that hole, fast!

Why?  Well, ya see those little drops of red?  That's birdie blood!  I plunged my mouf inta the snow an ran back inside.  Thats when TBT suspected somethin...

Yeah, I was at the deck door at night when a birdie hit the deck door.  An I alone knew where it was even though it got all covered in snow as the night went on.  And on and on and on!  I was practically DYIN by mornin.

I grabbed that birdie an was in the house like The Flash fillin his plate at Thanksgivin Dinnertime!

I was growlin at Ayla a Marley pretty serious.  TBT said I was like a tiger in the room protecting a abtelope kill.  Whatever a abtelope is  (but it must be good food).
Fortunately, TBT pretty much figures what we catch is ours, especially when it is already dead.  But he IS a bit particlar particuliar fussy about where we eat that kinda messy stuff.   Fevvers are fine, but he doesnt want blood an guts on the carpet.  Personnally, I think that would improve the smell of the carpets (HE should have his nose down on them alla time), but "what-ever".

So he took the birdie from me (a right only HE has) and tossed it in the baffroom, let me run in, and closed the door so I could have privacy with my prize.
There wasnt much left of it when he opened the door again 10 minutes later.  I was well pleased.  An full.  Ayla an Marley were jellous.  A few hours later, they were both sniffin my butt, admirin the birdie I got ta eat!

It doesnt get much better than that...