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Monday, March 31, 2014

Well, Here It Is...

AYLA:  I was watchin this large bright yellow thing on the floor.
TBT did somethin to it an it started movin.  It kinna looked like it was spinning, like a alien space saucer!   I got out of there fast.
But Iza watched it closer.

She said there was something UNNER there.
And she tried ta CATCH IT!
But it kept stopping and changin directions.  She reached unner the thing and announced there was something in there an it felt like it had a tail.
So I came back an watched along with her.
 I DID see a tail unner there!
But then it stopped.  TBT fiddled with it an got it movin again a few minnits [TBT:  new-recharged batteries]  But then it would only move when he held a button on the top down.  And then not at all.  So we all ignored it after that. 

TBT:  After a 2nd set of recharged batteries, it still would only move with some fussing and then it stopped completely!  Looks like I have to return it.  Maybe a replacement will work better.