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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Before we start today's tour, I wanna show ya the pictures of the last of the crocuses as the last snow fell on them a few days ago.  Things change fast here!  Cuz they are kinna pretty that way.

But TODAY, we are free of snow an the temperature is 70!!!  So I have the first of the daffodils ta show off...
See close up?
 Theres a large patch.
An some small ones...
 An even some tulips startin!
I think all the Spring flowers are gonna be a bit "alltothegether"  Is that a werd?  Well whatever, that's how they are gonna bloom THIS year.

I am glad ta be out here with you all, dear friends.
Now what say we all roll in the grass before TBT brings snacks an treats down to us (as a TBT should)!  We have the first of the growing Nip leafs, chicken juice, an some oat grass smoothies.

Enjoy, friends, enjoy!