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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Easy Like Sunday (Mostly)

IZA:  When TBT got up this morning (which is why the drapes were still closed), he found us all on the cat trees.  Well, it was kinna cloudy here so there werent anny morning sunpuddles.
I allus stare at TBT ta see if he is carryin anny food cans.  Aya looks around fer danger, Marley sleeps.
He wasnt carryin food cans, so I watched the kitchen door,  Ayla looked around fer dangers, Marley kept sleepin.
But I knew TBT was gonna get food cans cuz he allus does when he gets up.  So I got up, Ayla stared around vacantly (hey, this is MY post, not hers), and Marley roused himself.
I saw TBT with food cans, so I made the little chittering noises for food-seein.  
Marley dint appreciate the sight like I did.  He said stuff like "What are ya goin on about, that's not live food", "Why did ya wake me up before the cans were opened", 
"Did ya notice Im ABOVE YOU?  I'll pounce ya if ya make more noise"...
Well, he did have the drop on me, so I left for the kitchen.   The LOOONG way around so I had platforms bewteen us.  He does get a bit cranked when awakened too suddenly... 
I went into the kitchen ta wait fer breakfast.  I hope TBT gets his furs on an does the rest of his morning stuff soon.  Im hungry!

You would think Id be treated better on my BIRFDAY!  (I'm 6 today)

Happy Birthday Iza 4.6.2014
(Thanks, Ann...)