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Monday, April 07, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  WARNING, WARNING...  Professional photographers and/or sensitive birdie-lovers may wish to avert their eyes.  Blurry action pictures of me catching and playing with a DEAD birdie follow...

Another window-bumpy birdie! The 3rd actually lately, but one recovered an flew away.  When TBT was sure this one was dead, he let me at it (well, Iza got the last one).  I took it to neutral territory at once.
TBT followed me of course.  I cant have a birdie in private, there HAVE to be pictures.  
Well, I certainly honored it well!  I bited it, I tossed it, I jumped around.
I even talked to it respectfully, thanking it fer its apparent deliberate self-sacrifice fer my eating enjoyment.   I have to say that TBT has certainly bred GOOD BIRDIES here in the 27 years!
I started with little hops
Before going into stand-up batting (playing "birdminton")!
Then I played "stalking" fer a while.
THEN I REALLY RIPPED LOOSE.  TBT WAS AMAZED .  And good fer him, he was pleased an impressed, not shocked.  Annyway, I jumped!
I pounced!
I moved so fast that the camera bounced!
Then, fer a finale, I place the birdie VERY carefully...
And launched into the "full stand-up, high-stretch, joyful-celebration, sky-reaching, explosion of pure catness-extacy"!!!
Exhausted, I carried my prize up to the deck for the final act.  (To Be Seen Later)