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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:   Welcome to our garden!   We are giving the tour a bit late today cuz it is SO NICE out we overdid our early afternoon naps out on the deck.  Fortunately, its not a LONG tour this week.

First, we are real happy about our saucer magnolias this year.  Most Springs, there are a few warm days an the buds start ta open, then it freezes again an kills them before they are full flowers.  This year, it stayed cold all through March so the little buds waited.  An NOW there are no more freezes ta come.  So they are opening now.  By next week, they should be amazing! 
The early wave of daffodils in the front are blooming.  They should last a couple of weeks.  Then a couple weeks after they fade away, the late bloom of white daffodils starts.
And way in the back of the yard, the ORIGINAL big patch of early yeller daffodils are at their best.  After these, there will be smaller clumps of various mid and late daffodils, some hyacinths, and a few surviving tulips.
We LOVE Spring!

Now feel free ta wander around ta look at annything that catches yer fancy while I call Ayla to bring out some refreshments.  She said she has planned fer Ham, assorted crunchy treats, and Meowgartias or toona juice ta drink.