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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scary Days, But Good Ending

Kitties, we thought outr visitin days were over fer a while!  Ya see, TBT messed the computer and our Feedly list was GONE!!!

He spent 2 days fussin with stuff an couldnt get it back.  We figured our toy-time was all gone fer a week while he built it back.  Well, it WAS gone fer 2 whole days.  He tried evrythin.

But then (an we really DONT unnerstand some of this stuff), but when he asked the HELP button questions inna lot of ways, ONE WERKED!  An he we got it all back suddenly.  We and he still dont know why, but who cares...

Another puter ambush DODGED!

Now back ta the normal stuffs -


The warmer weather has brought those snarky little moles out.  TBT doesn't actually mind the moles so much, but they let the evil voles use their tunnels ta get at the plants.  So fewer moles, fewer voles.  An TBT is happy when I get ANNY little ratish critters.
An guess what he learned on his camera?  A "macro" setting that is good fer close-ups!  
And YES, I ate it later...  Playing with it to death was fun, but I got hungry after a while.  An moles are better eatin than even the best canned stuff.

I left the head an the tail on the deck...