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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, we have lots ta show toDAY!  With the sudden warmth after the delayed Spring, TBT says lots a stuff is flowerin at once when it is usually spread out fer weeks.

Today is "Daffodillies On Parade"!  They are kinna everywhere.
And of all shapes
An combinations.
 TBT never saw a color combination he dint like
So thats what we have evrywhere.
 He wishes there was a blue daffodil...  MOL!
But all the colors
Make us happy...

Now lets see what ta do fer refreshments.  The lawn is a lot wet from the rains.  But the deck is dry.  So lets go up there and watch the birdies at the feeder.  Marley has treat-duty today, and he has brought out ham, pork, and jerky-treats (where did he find THOSE).  Plus, dare I say it, Nip Smoothies?  Wow, lets GO!