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Friday, April 18, 2014

Caturday Birdie TV

We love seein the Cardinals!  But not so much those blackbirds.  They just eat all the birdie-bait and leave fast.
The red-winged ones aren't so bad.  At least they don't mob the feeder.
We especially love seeing the birdies on the ground.  We have a much better chance at them then.

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  Well what would YOU call this?

There was a snakie in OUR YARD!
IZA:  Scary...  It actally HISSED at me.
MARLEY:  *I* captured it an dragged it to the middle of the yard...
TBT:  Its harmless...
Iza/US:  Yeah?  Yer like 2,000 times bigger than it. We aren't.
Watch out Marley, it's attack ya!
Um, or mebbe not.
Hey Marley, how about we just agree we left it to go on it's way?

TBT:  Hey guys, it eats slugs and mice and thats a GOOD thing.  Let it go.

US:  OK, but we want some treats in exchange.

TBT:  Deal, lets go inside!