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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA: Yeah, this is the other picture of me among the saucer magnolia tree petals.  I dint wanna waste it.  Of course I'm here with ya all NOW!

But first, I need ta esplain why I got all floofy-tailed yesserday.  It was TBT's fault.  He was washin our bowls just as I came inta the food room an he THREW THEM ALL RIGHT DOWN ALL AROUND ME!  FOR NO REASON!!   [TBT:  They were slippery with soap and I dropped three bowls I was holding.  Bad luck for Iza.]

But it WAS a pretty good poof, huh?

But back to my picture...  Arent I lovely among them?  Huh?  Cmon, admit it...
 Today we have some tulips bloomin nice.  Its the one spot here they seem to stay blooming in.  Maybe the edging keeps the voles away.  But also notice the small plant between them.  Its NIP!  Help yerself to a leaf.  We got 6 more plants around the yard too.
 Over here by the apple trees is a spot where the hyacinths keep bloomin well too.  Elsewhere, they tend ta get smaller evry year.  Ive told TBT ta plant more here, since they seems ta like it and all.
I specially wanna show off the front yard.  This is the first time *I* remember the yellow daffodils AND the front saucer magnolia bloomin at the same time.  The front saucer magnolia blooms later than the backyard one cuz its in the shade of the house and stays cooler longer (so TBT says.  Its nice they bloom at slightly differnt times. 
Ya can look at the daffodils in the back yard, but they are mostly startin ta fade now.  They dint last as long this year cuz it was cold so long an then got warmer fast.

Well, lets all go sit in the long grass in the sunny part of the back lawn.  Marley an Ayla couldnt agree what ta serve as treats today, so TBT said "Let there be BACON!"  So he cooked some crisp and some soft (there are separate bowls of each).  Plus he made shrimp smoothies (several bowls, so no crowding required).  And he is staying with us to move wand toys around with both hands.

Glad you came along fer the tour and treats, furends!