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Friday, April 25, 2014

Freaky Friday

We were all lookin out the front windows but werent chitterin at annything, so TBT glanced out an saw a tiny movement.  Well, it wasn't tiny to US.  But still, we were impressed he saw it at all so fast (bein a Bein an all those sensory restrictions he has).

But he focused on it right away an grabbed his camera...

TBT said it was a SNAPPIN TURTLE!  We never saw one before.

TBT said it can crunch a broomstick in half, so we should never mess with them .  OooK, we wont mess with that... Seriously, our legs are good, but they arent stronger than broomsticks.
 Even if it DOES look like fun ta play with its tail...
It wanted ta cross the street.  Apparently, it was in our little creek an wanted more space.
TBT wasnt gonna pick it up cuz he says they have LONG necks and bite (that broomstick thing, right).   He says that big mouf is all SHARP BONE. 
So he lifted it with a shovel and got it past the street.  Theres a swamp past the street, so it should be happy there and never come back.

Which is good, cuz we dont want annything that can bite off OUR broomsticks in OUR yard!!!

MOUSIES!  Snakes last week, snappin turtles this week, whats comin NEXT week?  We hope NOTHIN!!!


OH!  Dint wanna ferget its Grampa's Birfday.  He's 92!  TBT says that is probably about 24 in cat-years.  WOW!