Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

We were all expectin today ta be cloudy an mebbe rainy, cuz it was raining last night, but we were happily surprized!

This is how TBT found us when he got up this morning.  We were all soakin up the sunpuddles really well.
In fact, we were surprised TBT had anny light ta see by at all  cuz we were each doin so supergood!  I (Ayla) was closest and on the doormat (which also soaks up the warms too), Iza was not only in full sun but leaning against a clay flowerpot which had got real warmed, an Marley had a full-stretch tummy exposure goin on.
But when TBT gets up, that means breakfast, so we all got up (only) after we smelled food and heard the bowls hit the floor.

After that, we went outside ta see what we could find...