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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  The Garden Tour is, unfortunately, canceled this week on account of rain.  TBT says we got just unner 4" of rain the past few days (it even rained briefly last night).  So it is WAY too wet out there fer anny decent touring.  Even though Marley went out fer a while, he refused ta sit on the ground.  He found a few stones and cinder blocks ta sit on (he was desperate ta get out at least SOME). 

Not that there is much ta see right now annyway.  The last of the daffodils are fading and the few still in bloom got beat down by the rain.. 

However, I have a few pictures that were took just before the rains hit...

This one is of the Saucer Magnolia tree in the front that blooms later than the one in the back cuz it is slightly shaded.  The petals on the ground look pretty (though I'd rather have them on the tree).   The petals that WERE still on the tree Monday are all knocked off now, and the ones on the ground are all brownish.  See ya next year, petals!
The daffodils next ta the Saucer Magnolia tree were still bloomin Monday too, but were bloomin strange.  The yeller ones are early ones, and there are white ones that bloom after the yeller ones.  But cuz the cold weather lasted longer this year, the white ones came up while the yeller ones were still there.  But the white ones dint do too well this year.  Mostly they fell over real fast.  Mebbe they will stand up again now the rain has stopped.
We have a fine crop of dandy-lions this year in a low spot in the lawn.  Thats a swamp right now, an TBT is hopin they all DROWN!  He says he is gonna get a truckful of soil and raise the lawn up some.  He's tired of digging a ditch to the street drain each year...

We DID see our first Hummerbird of the year today, so THAT was nice.