Saturday, May 31, 2014

Not Really Posting Lately

We just wanted to let ya all know we aren't ignoring posting even though we've been using old pictures a couple days.

Its just that Grandpa seems about ready ta make his own journey ta his version of the Rainbow Bridge real soon an we don't feel much like writing much.  In fact his vets doctors thought it would be tonight, but it wasn't.

We'll be back "after".

Friday, May 30, 2014

Flashback Friday

Oh Bast TBT is slackin lately.  He doesnt keep the camera in his pockets like usual, ya know?  Well, he's been rearanging/declutterin the house so he's all distracticated.

So we are forced ta use older pictures.  But they are good ones.  It's GOTCHA DAY pictures...

Wow, our saved pictures only start when I was here 3 months, but Skeeter an I were best friends then.  I allus stayed close ta him.
And I used ta climb ladders up ta the roof.

 IZA:  Well, I'm glad he has the first pictures of ME!

I stayed unner the bed fer 3 days...  And I wasn't a kitten when he got me.  I was a failed queen and the Meezer breeder dint love me.  Well, that's because she thought I was a color-smudgy Meezer girl.  But that's cuz I'm really a Tonkie!  And, BTW, TBT loved me annyway before he learned that.  I will allus love him fer THAT!

MARLEY:  Well *I* got gotched from my first home cuz the lady discovered she was allergic ta ME.  Can ya imagine that?
It was a bit scarey bein moved.  I mean, I LIKED the lady and all, and I was happy myself there.  It was a nice house, too.  Carpet everywhere fer runnin around on.  But I felt sad she went all runny-nose an sneezy when she held me.

So when TBT came by my townhouse an sat down and I came right down the stairs an sat on his lap right away (the lady an he were both thrilled) an he dint go all sneezy, that was pretty good.  He told me about Ayla an Iza and that they were really friendly but needed a brother mancat to keep things happy an it was an impawtant job, I was innerested.  I knew he was my Right Bein right then and there.

Then I spent several days in my own room with my OWN purrsonal placemat an waterbowl (which I was used to havin).  When I was allowed out to meet Ayla an Iza, it was no problem.  I just settled right between them at the food bowls and as TBT says, it was history.

I only learned later that TBT had spent months tryin ta find "ME".  He had looked at a lot of other cats on the innernets, but they all came in brother-pairs an I wasn't real innesrested in THAT!  Some of ya other mancats may not unnerstand this, but I LIKE having two sisfurs.

That's our story fer today...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Sadly, the Garden Tour is cancelled today.  It is raining so steadily that not even Marley will go out in it!  But we are postin some pictures from last year at this time so ya can see what it looks like...

Its amazing how much one year looks just like the  previous one.  Except sunnier...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tossed-Toy Wensday

IZA:  Im glad ya liked my mousie toy-grabbin techneeks yesserday, cause there is more of that today.  What can I say?  When you've got it, you've got it!

But there is more ta that.  We do have our favrits.  Ayla has her flat cloth mousie she carries around and tosses around herself, Marley loves the wand toys, and *I* have 2 soft mousies ( a pink and a bloo).  They were gifts ta Skeeter an LC many years ago, but *I* have taken them to heart (and claw) like nokitty else.

I even play "fetch" with them.  Which you will NOT see here tonight cause TBT was too slow with the camera an only got my tail.

But here is me playing with Bloo Mousie!  Bloo mousie just ecits me SO MUCH!
OK, so he is hidden here.  I'm nommin pawsomely.
I raise him up to see him best...
 Toss him around against the glass door so I can catch him on the rebound!
Oh little Bloo mousie, I love you SO much...
And here I am hiding unner the always open dishshaker door waitin fer it ta move again.  TBT does help a lot with the movin stuff.
But Im done!  Time ta visit the litterbox.  These decisions come on quite suddenly.  TBT says we are kinna digital.  A thought causes on/off action.  Well why shouldnt it?  One minnit play time, the next poop time.  Well, I know where ta go then , duh!
But I'll be back to you soon, Bloo Mousie!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toy-Toss Tuesday

IZA:  *I* did some great work chasin tossed toys last night.  An I have PROOF!

Here I am waitin fer the start of the mousie-tossin game.  So START already TBT!
 Im in position...
I move around a lot to have different attacks.  But Im choosy.  This one came by and I declined ta grab it.  While it is usually a favrit, this time was a no-go.  It needs ta be more over me than ta the side.
I went right after this rattley mouse.  TBT tries ta surprise me by where he tosses them.  But Im hard ta fool.
 Another decision not ta grab.  This one dint rattle.  Even though it can.  BAD TOSS TBT!
 I got after THIS one good!  See my shadow on the floor?  Isnt that cool?  I was up on just my back legs to pounce it.
No, I wasn't grabbin at nothin!  There IS a mousie there.  I just grabbed it pawfully.  And just LOOK at my determination an focus... 
I used the "scoop manuver" on this one.  Surround an grab.  Enclosed it pawfully and grabbed with my mouf.  NO chance it could get away...   Good practice of good technique.
And it deserved some playing-with.  I chased it around the room fer a while.  It had great rattley sounds.
Well, thats a typical evening of toy-tossing here.  I hope you get as much fun at yer place.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We are taking it easy today.  But before I get to that, TBT asked me to write a poem about the bunny Iza caught yesserday.  Because we know some of our friends ARE bunnys and this hunting stuff is hard fer them ta unnerstand.  I'll try...

The world would be far more polite,
If no other animals took a bite,
Of slower neighbors left or right.

If our paws had been evolved
To pull some grass into our jaws,
We would be happy eating those,
According to the vegan laws.

But ancient ancestors arose,
Who grabbed a neighbor, with the slows,
And habits started days of olds.

We who came from that old line,
Consider eating others fine,
We cannot stop; we're forced to dine,
On muscle, fat, and boney kine.

We're forced to live on meat, it seems,
Wherever it comes, whoever it means,
Birdies, mousies, buns are great,
And I know that last line doesnt rhyme!



Now to our Easy Like Sunday pictures! 

Iza is resting Easy...
So am I, on warm laundry!  I am happy on my piles of TBTs clothes with my special mousie in reach.  But where is Marley?
 Oh, he is doing the Easy on the soft pile of blankies and towels...
So we are ALL doing the Easy today here together...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Caturday Hunterday

IZA:  I GOT A BUNNY!  Sorry ta bunny-lovers, but this was a WILD BUNNY and they attack our garden a lot...
And it wasnt a big one, but they just arent at this time of year.   But its bigger than a mousie.
Action shot!   There were lots of those, but they are really hard fer TBT ta catch.
Aw, its not moving.  I'll have ta make it move some more...
Well, time ta eat!  YUM!
I'll spare ya further pictures...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Were BACK!

We were "off" a couple days cuz TBT was gettin ready for, or recoverin from, some teef werk by his vet dentist.  We gotta tell ya, it WASNT fun! 

Like, he stayed in bed fer 20 HOURS yesserday and DINT get up ta feed us ONCE (he even admitted that ta us with NO SHAME AT ALL).  Bast, were we gettin hungry.  By the end, we were walkin all over him and meowin our starvin little hearts out at him (well, OK, OK, we were meowin our tummies at him).  But he is really impreviimperviat, good at ignorin that.

OK, an we DID get the longest time we can remember fer sittin on an around him.  He almost never stays still for so long as last night.

An when he woke up (and fed us first, at least), he wasn't much good fer much.  We only got to be out a few hours before he tricked us inside by shaking the treats jar.  He was a bit late in tossin around the treats ta chase.  Well, OK, he DID fill the magic "treats fall out when ya whap it plastic thing" the minnit he got up. 

Well, OK, mebbe that isnt so unnormal around here.  But things went all off schedule a bit here fer a few days an we dint like that.  Him not havin lots of pictures of us was the unnormal part.  So we voted and had Ayla go sit all coy and sweet up on the fancy blankie.

That werked!

Sometimes, ya gotta know which buttons ta push on yer Bein.

OH, and HIS view of the past couple days is over on HIS BLOG!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  TBT hasnt taken anny tummy pictures lately, so I found this picture from LAST May!  I think it is one of my better ones...
I hope ya all enjoy it too.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mancat Monday

Marley here.  TBT is not been feeling too happy about his vet dentist visit comin up in a couple days.  So my our posts might get a bit behind fer a while...

I enjoyed sniffin around the pond fer froggies today.  Well, not "sniffin" ezactly, they dont smell warm.  But they do move an that's what I mean.
Yeah, the pond is lookin kinna limp, and I wouldnt drink anny of THAT water.  But it will improve lots in a couple big moons.  The plants will fix that up.  Its cuz TBT covers it fer a few weeks each Spring ta keep the Peeper-froggies from keepin him awake all night.

But then, it was time ta come inside. TBT was shakin the treat jar to me.  Food  calls.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Easy Like Sunday NOT!

MARLEY: I'm stayin in here fer a while!
TBT was busy carrying books from one room to another, and I was minding my own bizness.  Then he dropped one on me!
 I ran fer shelter, an I'm staying there til he is done!  Cuz it was a VERY BIG BOOK!
Well, he did apologize a lot, and gave me some treats, but still, it WAS a very big book.  I'm not takin anny more chances today.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Butt-Scootch Day

IZA:  Ayla told me today was National Butt-Scootch Day, so I hadda post a picture.  I wasnt too sure.  But she showed me an email about National Butt Scootch Day and there was even green papers from a African Prince involved, so I guessed it was legit an I had to show it.  Dang!

So here goes:
Is that really me?  
Sniff, sniff, Yup. its mine...

Bast, I DONT LIKE this new holiday! Its embarassin.  Is this REALLY a holiday?  I'm startin thinkin she fooled me again though.  AYLAAAAA!

AYLA:  Ha-Ha, Got ya again!!!   Try livin THAT picture down "Poopy-Butt"...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Straw Hat Day!!!

Well, its Thursday May 15th here and Straw Hat Day!  An have WE got pictures ta show...

Relaxin in the house...  Cuz It's Straw Hat Day!   *I* are (is?) ecited cuz I was chosen as a Theme Day REPresentative Queen! And  I'm lookin HOT in in my Pink Straw Hat!!! Mebbe Spitty will get some competitioners fer my attention! Iffen he doesn't make a decision (one always hopes)...

Then we had a little secret help from a wunnerful friend. (we AINT saying who, sworn ta silence ya unnerstand)..

I (Marley) am really admirin THIS one. Modest yet so much NOT! So purrfect!

We all loved our fancy hats here...  Purrfect fer face shade in a sunpuudle.  We are all lovin the eyesie shades! 

But we did THIS one OURSELFS (LAMELY, OBVIOUSLY, OK, and TBT helped us some)...

A VERY HAPPY STRAW HAT DAY to you ALL on this best holiday of the YEAR!