Friday, May 02, 2014

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  LOOK WHAT *I* DRAGGED IN early this morning!  It was still cool out so TBT left the deck door open.
Seriously, I got a gartern Snakie IN the house.  One of my best efforts YET!
 Iza got all up in my face, but I ignored her. So what she was screamin "ya cant have a snakie in the house".  I did...
But TBT wasn't all "eeky" an he rules, and my snakie got tossed out...  Iza was right, I guess.   An TBT says I can play with THOSE but NOT annything bigger.  Well, OK,  I spose...
I looked around fer it, though.
TBT usally just tosses stuff on the deck.  I looked around a lot, but no luck. It wasn't there.
But I got a whole HANDFUL of kibbles after, so that was a pretty good deal.   I LOVE kibbles!

But ya see these on Fridays and we aint making it up.  Fridays are just weird here lately.  Mebbe next time it will be a Weird Wensday...