Monday, May 05, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I'm relaxin today...  Mancatly.  As in sprawlin all over TBT when I caught him sittin down right after lunch.  He wasn't as thrilled as he might have been cuz he was about ta get up.  But he is ALLUS reluctant ta disturb a sitting kitty an we take advantage of that!
But you can enjoy my toesies too.  I woulda saved this fer Toesie Tuesday, but Iza had called dibs on that.
 An I figured, well, theres Mancat Monday but not Girlcat Gonday, so...
Oh, BTW, lots of you asked why we were anxious ta get out early mornin on Caturday.  It wasnt anny special critters out there (though we allus hope some of them are slower earlier).  It was because the shadows are differnt in the morning an we dont get out there early very often ta see how that looks fer huntin.  New shadows mean new hiding places after all!

Did we catch annything?  Well, lets just say TBT noticed that Iza was hungry when we came in later but I wasnt...