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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Almost Not A Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  I'm worried.  TBT is really tearing up the veggie garden.  Not that I care about veggies, but there ARE several NIP plants in there an I care about THOSE!
Theres a good big one in the corner to my left.  An ya can see just a part of another one in the bottom right.  We have 3 like that, plus 3 newer ones hidden around the yard.
Well, he says he will save the NIPS, so that's good.

Still, he's bein kinna brutal around the garden.  I hope he knows what he's doing.

I mean, its cuttin down on my tour-time.  But I do have some stuff ta show what ISNT bein ripped up...

The Ajuga are bloomin early (an Marley is showin ya the size).  They flower about butt-high ta him.  Usually in late-May, but things are odd this year.
There are a very FEW tulips still livin here (but they are nice ones).   There are 6 of those, as ya can see by lookin around.
An there are some grape hyacinths (little ones)  bloomin.  They seed around and we find them in new places evry year.
An there is this weird little plant called Brunera...  The little blue flowers are cute, but the leaves last all year, like hostas.
It doesnt spread much, but it doesnt die either, so I kinna like it.  Actally, TBT says it seems a bit bigger this year, so he MIGHT try dividing one carefully ta see how that werks out.

Now lets go spread out on the dry sunny lawn. The lawn is almost 6" high cuz TBT hasnt mowed it yet this year an its really soft ta roll around on!  I know there are treats an drinks coming but I never know quite what they are plannin in secret inside as I do the tour...

Ooh, REAL bacon bits, soft treats, Loose Fresh Nip Leafs, and Meowgauritas!  Good werk, Marley an Ayla!  An I'm pretty sure TBT had something ta do with the bacon bits, but he tries ta stay in the house when I'm doing the garden Tour, so I never quite know.