Saturday, May 10, 2014

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  Marley an I we LOVE the mousies.  One of the best spots is right below the birdie feeder.  Cuz the mousies LOVE the fallen seeds. 

See here?  See their little vole-holes? 
4, mebbe 5 in just one spot.  TBT does NOT wonder why we spend a lotta time close ta here.

Well, wouldn't YOU?  An BTW, yeah, I got an ear out fer them...  An I am singing a mousie-come-out song to them. 

"Come out mousies, come out an play.
I will tap you softly today. 
There's tasty seeds fer you ta eat
Those sunflower seeds just cant be beat.

Most of you will get them sweet.
An I will let you, for a treat,
But one of you will pay the price
And I will eat you once or twice.

But most of you will feed yer brood
For you to live and I get food,
As you get careless just one time.
While you get yours and I get mine."