Monday, May 12, 2014

Mancat and Girlcat Monday

MARLEY:  Well, I gotta share sometimes.  We were ALL out on the deck late this afternoon.  Ya can tell its late by the sunangles.

Iza an I discussed what ta do fer the evenin.  Well, duh, we both wanted ta go mousie-hunting.  But it is allus good ta discuss that first.  Cuz sometimes ONE of us just wants ta run arund a lot, an that can disturb hunting.
Ayla likes ta sit up on the top of the fence, but she agreed ta alert us iffen she saw annythin moving.  Which was pretty rare fer her, so we appreciated it.
So we agreed ta share what we caught.   Iffen annything.
Iza showed off her stretch-pounce ta Ayla. 
The results?  Well, Iza an I corralled one an we all shared havin some of it.  Then we came in fer some dinner.  Mousies are tastey, but 1/3 of a mousie isnt all that much food.