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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Doin The Bunny Stalk

MARLEY:  I saw somethin move in the flowerbed.

I crept up OH SO Carefully...
I dint know ezactly WHAT it was, but I knew I was innerested in it.

I started sniffin all careful-like around the grasses. 

Sadly, before I could figure out ezactly WHERE it was, it ran sideways ta me. I ran fast, but I couldn't catch it through all the growths.  I sure crashed into a couple of shrub branches chasin it.  TBT was watchin through a window and was kind enough not to laff. 

It was a bunny!  An they have all these secret trails an stuffs.  Oh I sure woulda liked ta have bunny fer lunch!  I found the tunnel it used ta get unner the fence though.  Next time, I'll know about THAT and might be there first!