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Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Straw Hat Day!!!

Well, its Thursday May 15th here and Straw Hat Day!  An have WE got pictures ta show...

Relaxin in the house...  Cuz It's Straw Hat Day!   *I* are (is?) ecited cuz I was chosen as a Theme Day REPresentative Queen! And  I'm lookin HOT in in my Pink Straw Hat!!! Mebbe Spitty will get some competitioners fer my attention! Iffen he doesn't make a decision (one always hopes)...

Then we had a little secret help from a wunnerful friend. (we AINT saying who, sworn ta silence ya unnerstand)..

I (Marley) am really admirin THIS one. Modest yet so much NOT! So purrfect!

We all loved our fancy hats here...  Purrfect fer face shade in a sunpuudle.  We are all lovin the eyesie shades! 

But we did THIS one OURSELFS (LAMELY, OBVIOUSLY, OK, and TBT helped us some)...

A VERY HAPPY STRAW HAT DAY to you ALL on this best holiday of the YEAR!