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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Butt-Scootch Day

IZA:  Ayla told me today was National Butt-Scootch Day, so I hadda post a picture.  I wasnt too sure.  But she showed me an email about National Butt Scootch Day and there was even green papers from a African Prince involved, so I guessed it was legit an I had to show it.  Dang!

So here goes:
Is that really me?  
Sniff, sniff, Yup. its mine...

Bast, I DONT LIKE this new holiday! Its embarassin.  Is this REALLY a holiday?  I'm startin thinkin she fooled me again though.  AYLAAAAA!

AYLA:  Ha-Ha, Got ya again!!!   Try livin THAT picture down "Poopy-Butt"...