Monday, May 19, 2014

Mancat Monday

Marley here.  TBT is not been feeling too happy about his vet dentist visit comin up in a couple days.  So my our posts might get a bit behind fer a while...

I enjoyed sniffin around the pond fer froggies today.  Well, not "sniffin" ezactly, they dont smell warm.  But they do move an that's what I mean.
Yeah, the pond is lookin kinna limp, and I wouldnt drink anny of THAT water.  But it will improve lots in a couple big moons.  The plants will fix that up.  Its cuz TBT covers it fer a few weeks each Spring ta keep the Peeper-froggies from keepin him awake all night.

But then, it was time ta come inside. TBT was shakin the treat jar to me.  Food  calls.