Friday, May 23, 2014

Were BACK!

We were "off" a couple days cuz TBT was gettin ready for, or recoverin from, some teef werk by his vet dentist.  We gotta tell ya, it WASNT fun! 

Like, he stayed in bed fer 20 HOURS yesserday and DINT get up ta feed us ONCE (he even admitted that ta us with NO SHAME AT ALL).  Bast, were we gettin hungry.  By the end, we were walkin all over him and meowin our starvin little hearts out at him (well, OK, OK, we were meowin our tummies at him).  But he is really impreviimperviat, good at ignorin that.

OK, an we DID get the longest time we can remember fer sittin on an around him.  He almost never stays still for so long as last night.

An when he woke up (and fed us first, at least), he wasn't much good fer much.  We only got to be out a few hours before he tricked us inside by shaking the treats jar.  He was a bit late in tossin around the treats ta chase.  Well, OK, he DID fill the magic "treats fall out when ya whap it plastic thing" the minnit he got up. 

Well, OK, mebbe that isnt so unnormal around here.  But things went all off schedule a bit here fer a few days an we dint like that.  Him not havin lots of pictures of us was the unnormal part.  So we voted and had Ayla go sit all coy and sweet up on the fancy blankie.

That werked!

Sometimes, ya gotta know which buttons ta push on yer Bein.

OH, and HIS view of the past couple days is over on HIS BLOG!