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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We are taking it easy today.  But before I get to that, TBT asked me to write a poem about the bunny Iza caught yesserday.  Because we know some of our friends ARE bunnys and this hunting stuff is hard fer them ta unnerstand.  I'll try...

The world would be far more polite,
If no other animals took a bite,
Of slower neighbors left or right.

If our paws had been evolved
To pull some grass into our jaws,
We would be happy eating those,
According to the vegan laws.

But ancient ancestors arose,
Who grabbed a neighbor, with the slows,
And habits started days of olds.

We who came from that old line,
Consider eating others fine,
We cannot stop; we're forced to dine,
On muscle, fat, and boney kine.

We're forced to live on meat, it seems,
Wherever it comes, whoever it means,
Birdies, mousies, buns are great,
And I know that last line doesnt rhyme!



Now to our Easy Like Sunday pictures! 

Iza is resting Easy...
So am I, on warm laundry!  I am happy on my piles of TBTs clothes with my special mousie in reach.  But where is Marley?
 Oh, he is doing the Easy on the soft pile of blankies and towels...
So we are ALL doing the Easy today here together...