Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toy-Toss Tuesday

IZA:  *I* did some great work chasin tossed toys last night.  An I have PROOF!

Here I am waitin fer the start of the mousie-tossin game.  So START already TBT!
 Im in position...
I move around a lot to have different attacks.  But Im choosy.  This one came by and I declined ta grab it.  While it is usually a favrit, this time was a no-go.  It needs ta be more over me than ta the side.
I went right after this rattley mouse.  TBT tries ta surprise me by where he tosses them.  But Im hard ta fool.
 Another decision not ta grab.  This one dint rattle.  Even though it can.  BAD TOSS TBT!
 I got after THIS one good!  See my shadow on the floor?  Isnt that cool?  I was up on just my back legs to pounce it.
No, I wasn't grabbin at nothin!  There IS a mousie there.  I just grabbed it pawfully.  And just LOOK at my determination an focus... 
I used the "scoop manuver" on this one.  Surround an grab.  Enclosed it pawfully and grabbed with my mouf.  NO chance it could get away...   Good practice of good technique.
And it deserved some playing-with.  I chased it around the room fer a while.  It had great rattley sounds.
Well, thats a typical evening of toy-tossing here.  I hope you get as much fun at yer place.