Friday, May 30, 2014

Flashback Friday

Oh Bast TBT is slackin lately.  He doesnt keep the camera in his pockets like usual, ya know?  Well, he's been rearanging/declutterin the house so he's all distracticated.

So we are forced ta use older pictures.  But they are good ones.  It's GOTCHA DAY pictures...

Wow, our saved pictures only start when I was here 3 months, but Skeeter an I were best friends then.  I allus stayed close ta him.
And I used ta climb ladders up ta the roof.

 IZA:  Well, I'm glad he has the first pictures of ME!

I stayed unner the bed fer 3 days...  And I wasn't a kitten when he got me.  I was a failed queen and the Meezer breeder dint love me.  Well, that's because she thought I was a color-smudgy Meezer girl.  But that's cuz I'm really a Tonkie!  And, BTW, TBT loved me annyway before he learned that.  I will allus love him fer THAT!

MARLEY:  Well *I* got gotched from my first home cuz the lady discovered she was allergic ta ME.  Can ya imagine that?
It was a bit scarey bein moved.  I mean, I LIKED the lady and all, and I was happy myself there.  It was a nice house, too.  Carpet everywhere fer runnin around on.  But I felt sad she went all runny-nose an sneezy when she held me.

So when TBT came by my townhouse an sat down and I came right down the stairs an sat on his lap right away (the lady an he were both thrilled) an he dint go all sneezy, that was pretty good.  He told me about Ayla an Iza and that they were really friendly but needed a brother mancat to keep things happy an it was an impawtant job, I was innerested.  I knew he was my Right Bein right then and there.

Then I spent several days in my own room with my OWN purrsonal placemat an waterbowl (which I was used to havin).  When I was allowed out to meet Ayla an Iza, it was no problem.  I just settled right between them at the food bowls and as TBT says, it was history.

I only learned later that TBT had spent months tryin ta find "ME".  He had looked at a lot of other cats on the innernets, but they all came in brother-pairs an I wasn't real innesrested in THAT!  Some of ya other mancats may not unnerstand this, but I LIKE having two sisfurs.

That's our story fer today...