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Friday, June 06, 2014

New Deck

TBT says we are gonna get a new deck soon.  So we went out and smelled (checked) the old ones.

OK, there is stuff he removed.  Old vinyl siding from couple years ago.  Mostly though, container plants he doesnt wanna keep inside for long, as they are near flowering.  And the BBQ smokey grill.  An he has a big plastic thing he can put them on inside.  Other stuff, we think he can just lift away to the yard fer a few days.
 We are checkin the old deck careful.  Its seems solid ta US, but TBT says it is both ugly and old.  Like he might fall through it.  Well, sometimes its good ta be real light.
The stuff ya see here is gone.  We made sure he did that couple days ago.  Can't have awkward stuff when they built new stuff, right?

I  (Iza) was set in charge of the  leaves. cuz I am good at scratching stuff around.  BAST!!!  I got the bad assignment.  I could scratch at this stuff fer a WEEK an not get it offa the lower deck! 
Fotrunately, TBT saw my problem an brought a big deck-broomer-thing around.  After I watched him use THAT thing, I thought "WOW, I could empty out the litter box in TWO seconds flat with THAT."..  And I sure would iffen I could.  Just fer fun. 

We know we will hide unner the bed while the Strange Beins tear up an replace the old ones.  But TBT says we are gonna LOVE the new one while he builds it.  While better builders build the new one cuz he is too stoppid ta build a good one cuz he wants a really nice one.

We think it happens next week.  TBT says he will take lots of pictures (like that's a new idea), but we think pictures are good as long as we aren't the subject ALL DAY LONG.  So annythin that disracts him an the camera is innerestin ta us.

And yes, it is very early mornin sunlight an we look great in that.  Can't ignore that either.

There Is No Felliway Outside

AYLA:  I don't know what it is about outside, but Iza treats me like an introoder kitty when we are on the deck.  Its hard being the smallest cat in the house, but it is harder outside.
Somedimes I stand my ground, but it doesn't usually help much.  I weigh 7 pounds, Iza weighs 12.  
I have faster whappy paws, an I can bunny kick pawsomely, but it has no effect on her.  I usually just go sit on the top of the fence cause Iza can't bother me there.
Mebbe I should stay stay inside near the Felliway dispenser...  But I need some advice.  Marley isn't protecting me the way he used to.  Should TBT double the Felliway?  Or do something else?