Sunday, June 08, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  TBT surprised us by gettin up early today and doing some work outside.  We enjoyed bein out there with him.  Its nice ta be able ta get scritchies outside too.  But he called us in after a while cuz he wanted ta mow the lawn and we came runnin in cuz we sure dont like all that noise.

We expected ta get back out right after that, but he surprised us by goin on some errends.

So it was later in the after noon before we got out again.  Iza an I spent some time out on the deck.
It allus a good idea ta look around a bit before going down on the yard.
So we were surprised to discover that Ayla had got out while WE were sniffing the foods TBT brought home.  The smell of raw chick-hen can be distracting.  Iza an me hadnt even realized the door had been opened!
So there she was sittin up on the fence just relaxing.
When she saw we were out too, she decided to mosey on further along the fence.
Apparently, this isnt a TOGETHER Easy Like Sunday day...