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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kibble Bag Investigation

AYLA:  We came inside yesserday an found this bag of kibbles on the kitchen floor.
Iza went after it real fast, shes allus hungry.
The opening was really small, but she got a kibble out
And ate it before annyone else even had a chance ta sniff it.
But that was all we could get out of the bag.  It sure SMELLED like food in there, though.
Marley checked it out carefully and declared it was EMPTY!
We realized that TBT had poured all the kibbles into the Big-Jars-We-Cant-Open while we were outside.  Iza was still hopeful, Marley was a bit annoyed.  I licked crumbs out of a bowl.
But it was OK.  TBT had just made his dinner, and he allus includes a small bowl of kibbles by his plate ta toss around.  So we all got some of the new kibble!