Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Mancat Prezzie Day

MARLEY:  OK, this is a LOT of pictures, but I beg yer patience.  We got TBT ta bid in The Baby's Auction an we got this cool hammick!

But we were worried at first.  TBT poured the stuff outta the box an we went all, "OMC its broken".
But TBT knew it just needed some assembly.  He said it was pretty obvious how ta put it together (WE dint think so), but he did it real fast, so we were wrong.  Happily.  An it had HAPPY KITTIES all over it.
Still, it was a NEW THING, so we were cautious at first.  
Iza backed away after a few looks.  I was VERY INNERESTED!
 Fer ONE thing, I liked the catnip powder all over it. 
I had some trouble gettin on it, cuz it slid on our wood floors, but when I got it against the bookcase, I climbed right up!
Did a bit of circling around.  I mean ya do gotta be careful where ya nap...
And settled down on it.
Kitties, this is PAWSOME!
I liked it first, middle an last.
I looked around in the softy comfort...
And then took a nap there the first day it was there!
I even shifted around to try out differnt nappin positions.  Ya want perfection of course.
And napped again.
I am lovin this hammick!