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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Its My Birfday!!!

AYLA:  Welcome to my PAWTY, I am 7 today!

Here is my kitten picture...

We have LADDERS ta climb!
We have BOXES!
We have BAGS!
We have GAMES!
We have TOYS!  Each sorted out in matching bins by type (are we organized or what).  From back left ta right front, thats rattley mousies, balls, stuffed stuff, non-rattley mousies, milk jug rings an assorted plasticy things, and fevvry/yarny things...
We have WAND TOYS!
There are also the 3 cat trees, stairways and hallways ta run, and the big waterbed fer bouncin on or nappin on.

And of course there is Food an Drink!  We are havin Awesomely Purrfect Chick-hen with pork stuffing...

Ham, Glorious Ham...
Wunnerful Live Dead Shrimps (marinated in silvervine)...
And Niptinis!    With blended primo fresh Nip leafs with JUST enough cream to make it smooth to lap AND some dried nip sprinkled on the top.  Plus Toona Juice or Milk fer kittens and Non-Nippers.

So 'port on over an help me cellybrate my BIRFDAY!