Thursday, June 19, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday And Box Day

Welcome to this week's Garden Tour!  Amazingly, we havent had a real one since April.  It seems like it rans evry Thursday!  But today is OK (so far).

Our first stop, since today is Box Day, is our fancy box.  Feel free ta hop in it while ya look at the pretty lilies.
Over here, we got one columbine bloomin late.  Its bigger than the others and TBT moved it from the woods to the flowerbed last year.  So mebbe thats why its late.
The Flowering Almond Shrub is lovely this year!
The Hydrangeas are blooming well this year too.  The white flowers really stand out in the shade!
I'll admire the Daylilies up on the deck while you (ahem) admire both them and me.
And finally, a quick trip into the front yard ta look at the nice Daylillies around the mailbox.  They're the kind that rebloom several times during Summer.  We like those a lot!
Now, the best part of the Tour - FOOD!  We have leftovers from Ayla's Birfday Party.  Some Chick-hen an some Ham  (sorry, the Shrimps are all gone).  An we got Nip Smoothies (with real cream) an some chick-hen broth (plus milk fer anny kittens).  An we got some salmon treats fer dessert.

Thanks so much fer coming on my Garden Tour this week!