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Friday, June 27, 2014

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  Well, this is about our Freakiest Friday EVER, Kitties!  This morning TBT filled our food bowls as usual, but instead of putting them down in the kitchen, carried them ta the bedroom and called us.  We followed him (not so much cuz he called us, but more that we will follow the food about annywhere).

Then we saw the waterbowl AND a litterbox (well away from the food).  We've been through this before, but not fer a while.  Ayla bolted, but TBT closed the door on Iza an Me.  An after a few minnits, the door opened slightly an Ayla got put inside too.

We were shut-ins!  A while later, we heard STRANGERS talking outside an then COMMOTION FROM HECK  commenced.  It lasted FOREVER 2 hours!  When we were let out again, I ran ta the deck door ta be let out.

There was NO DECK!  The STRANGERS came an they STOLE OUR DECK!  I just stared in disbelief.  Then I called Ayla an Iza ta come look.
Ayla was shocked too.  
Then Iza got there an we all just stared an stared and stared!  How are we gonna get out iffen theres no DECK?  That looks WAY too far ta jump, an even iffen we DID, how would we ever get back IN?  Even Ayla cant jump THAT high!
TBT explained that we were getting a NEW deck, but it was gonna be a few days.  In fact, longer than HE had expected.  The STRANGERS had told him, they would be back Monday ta build the new one.  But what he dint realize was that they would START ta build the new one Monday!  Apparently Monday is for digging holes in the lawn and planting feet foots footers.  Tuesday is for an INSPECTOR ta come over an approve the footers, an Wensday and Thursday (an mebbe Friday) is for building the new deck.

We all cried loudly!  A WEEK stuck inside?

Well, TBT called us all downstairs to the basement and opened the basement door to let us out.  I went out but ran back inside.  Ayla an Iza just looked out an wouldnt go.

Kitties, the basement door is NOT the way ta leave the house!  The PROPER way ta leave the house is ta stroll out on the deck, sit around a few minnits while looking around fer dangers, and then walking down the stairs ta the lawn.

We may haveta get used ta leaving from the basement soon, but not today!  Fortunately, there is a lotta stuff from the old deck inside the house right now ta explore in their new spots, but we think we will just stay in the rest of today...