Tuesday, July 01, 2014

More Noise And No OUT

MARLEY:  The STRANGERS were back yesserday and today!  So we are stuck inside.  At least we dint haveta be closed up in the bedroom cuz noone was comin inside anny.

These are my special Mournful Bi-Color Lasers...
First, some guy came an painted big red Xs on our back yard and patio!
Then some other guys came and made holes where the red Xs were.  It took them all afternoon and most of this morning.    The holes are 2 feet wide an 2 feet deep.  They had noisey machines, but they had ta do most of the work with hand tools.  They said they never saw dirt so hard before.  Serves them right fer making us stay inside an bothering us with all the noise!

Look, they even cut through our cement patio!
They are gone fer the day, but TBT says we still have ta stay inside a while.  He has ta go do some errands while there is no one here fer him ta watch over.  But he says we can go out later today when he gets home.