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Thursday, July 03, 2014

More Noise And STILL No OUT!

IZA:  The actual deck BUILDER GUYS came yesserday morning.  They made more noise than the tearing-down guys did last Friday and the hole-digging guys on Monday!  Lots of banging, an that getd into the house more than machines outside do.

I was BRAVE.  I watched what they were doing most of the time.  Ayla stayed in the bedroom an Marley hid in the basement.  This one is from outside.
This a better picture from inside.  An ya can see that they have put up the um, um [beams, joists, and endcaps, Iza], yeah, "those".
An ta make a long story short, this is the finished deck!  It looks bigger than the old upper one an there isnt a lower one annymore.
But we havent got to go out on it yet.  The guys just finished as the rain started an they were all runnin around gettin their equipment back safe in their trucks.  An it was gettin near dark annyway, so we can't go sniff around and figure out the new paths down ta the lawn until tomorrow.

More details and pictures (that we can't be bothered with) at TBT's blog