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Friday, July 04, 2014

Our New Deck!

IZA:  Well, it falls to me to post about our new deck.  Hey, I was 1st out on it!  But a ton of pictures today.  I hope we dont break anny rules with so many...

First, some careful sniffin.  Ya gotta check things out!  Like mebbe the new deck was sticky or something.
And some careful lookin around is good too.
Like I said, I was 1st out!
The container plants had been closed off in our catroom fer a week, so I checked them out.  Theyre good.
They seemed happy to get sun and rain.
They havent been properly placed yet.  I'll speak to TBT about that.
Marley finally put a cautious paw out...
He decided it was OK too.
 A sniff, sniff here, and a sniff, sniff there; here a sniff, there a sniff, evrywhere a sniff sniff!
But he was ready to run inside iffen annything seemed too strange.
Finally!  Ayla gived the new deck a close look.
And stepped out.  Well, it DID rain some last night, an she likes to be sure things are dry.
And out she comes.
They discussed the new deck a bit.   The upright things ARE new.
Meanwhile, I was already up on the tops.  HA, I beat Ayla ta the heights!  
Marley checked out the smoker position.  "Its a little farther from the door" he says.  DUH, the whole DECK is bigger.  TBT says Marley thinks in "ratios".  Is that why he gets more mousies than I do?
Marley says that plant IS back in its proper corner.  He loves orderly things.
He considered going inside after that, but something stopped him.  No, really, the door was open, but something else got his attention.
The Stairway (down) To Heaven!  Even I hadnt tried that yet.  He sniffed carefully each step down.  Probaly so he would remember the steps back UP!  Well, that IS important...
He hesitated at the last one.
 He said getting OFF the new deck was a matter to consider carefully.
One small step fer a cat, one giant leap fer Catkind...
Houston, Catquility Base here, The Marley has landed.  We repeat, the Marley has landed!
OMC!  Its full of NIP!   Houston, do you read, its full of...

Whats this about NIP?
I WILL go check...
After leaving scent marks ta know the way back of course.
Kittehs, we are now officially un-undecked!  We have each set paw on new deck and have claimed it!

It is OUR Independence Day!

Happy Day to all whom it may concern...