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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  It was a nice relaxed Sunday.  Fer US annyway; TBT was doing some werk outside movin big boards left over from the deck.  Some guys are comin over ta pick up all the debris later.

But WE were relaxin inside;

Later, we all went out on the new deck.  We waited til afternoon when it was shaded.  One thing we have learned about the new deck is that it gets hotter in the sun than the old one.  TBT pressed a cooking thermometer down on the surface fer a few minutes when it was in full sun an it reached 125F!  No one told us about THAT...  Fortunately, its in the sun only in morning, so we will have ta adjust ta that.

So we went out after lunch and sat around.  I went up on the rail of course.
Iza just HAD ta hop up on a chair and bother me.  It seems like whever I am, she wants THAT spot.
Marley sat around on the deck itself, deciding where ta go for the afternoon.
I just went around the rail ta the other side, so it all werked out all right.