Monday, July 07, 2014

Admiring Our New Deck

AYLA:   More STRANGERS came over today, but at least they werent noisey.  Apparently, they were here to pick up all the chunks of scrap wood, spread out the dug-up dirt, and fill in the holes in the patio with new cement.  We dint even hide in the bedroom fer THAT!

But it sure took them a long time.  We had to wait fer them to leave before we could go out, an by that time it was 5 pm.  Marley an Iza headed straight out fer the yard,  I sat up on the deck rails.

I decided ta sit on the rail admirin the new deck.  I admire good werk, ya know?
Besides, I was sittin in the afternoon sun.  Why move?

An Inspector Bein comes by tomorrow but that will be the last stranger fer a long time (or so we are promised) an then its actually done.  After that, we don't have to mention "new deck" again unless TBT makes some changes.  It will just be "the deck" again after that. 

Finally, Thank Cod!