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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to our Garden Tour!  It rained earlier, so I hope ya dont mind the grass being a bit wet.  Fortunately, ya can see almost everything today by walking along the stone border (which is dry already).

I am happy ta see the Coneflowers starting ta bloom.  They will be fuller soon, but its allus nice ta see the first ones appear.
And the Butterfly Bushes are starting ta bloom too.  The bees, hummers, and (of course) butterflies are allus delighted by them.
The Hydrangea are stayin in bloom.  Fer a shrub, they last a long time.  The big insects dont pay much attention to them, but the little ones cover them when its sunny (which it isnt today).
The Stokesia are one of my favrits.  They bloom thickly an the plants stay healthy.
The later Lilies are bloomin too.  They are the fragrant ones.  Big, too.
 The Hostas are really doin great this year.  Ive never seen them so large.  Nice flowers too.  The lighter green stuff is Snow-On-The-Mountain.  They dont like the heat here an are startin ta turn brown.  But TBT pulls the tops off an they grow back for the Fall.
These other Hostas are lookin good also.  They are surrounded by Ferns (and some green weed TBT cant seem ta get rid of).

Now lets all have some snacks up on the deck!  Its cool there cuz of the shade.  Today we have poached chick-hen, dry crunchie treats, and Niptinis!

Thanks so much fer coming along on the tour...