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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Wild Rabbit

MARLEY:  First, I wanna warn anny Squeamish Beins a Wild Rabbit gets killed here.  So just be aware of that.  I dont see what the problem is, but TBT said I should mention it.

Well, so yesserday I brought a Wild Rabbit to the deck door ta show TBT.  I wasnt allowed ta bring it in the house of course, but TBT told me what a good hunter I was and I came inside without it.  What I dint see was that Iza slipped out right as I slipped in, and SHE GRABBED MY RABBIT!

Now, I can tell ya that once Iza gets ahold of somethin, its pretty hard to make her give it up.  And I dont like ta fight about stuff.  TBT knew that I caught it, and that was enough fer me.
She had a hard time managing the Rabbit though.  It squirmed a lot.
She just couldnt seem ta get the right grip on it.
In fact, it even got away from her.  Ran straight off the deck!
She got it back though, and this time she got the Bitey right.  TBT checked!
So he let her play with it.  She still gave Me an Ayla a laser eye warning ta stay away.   We did.  She gets a bit crazy around Real Foods sometimes...
Later, after none of us was innerested in it annymore, TBT tossed it over the fence.