Saturday, July 19, 2014

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  I hope ya dont mind Im just sittin up on the shoe rack.  TBT puts these bloo towels up there just fer ME.  I eat most of my meals up there too.  But not where I nap.  There is another lighter bloo towel on the shoes on the other side where I like ta eat (in peace).
As I AM a Princess, it does take a BIG folded towel ta make me comfy up here on all these shoes.  
But since I GET those big fluffy folded towels fer nappin on, that's OK.  I would tell him they wernt OK if they werent, of course.  But they are.

I watched him preparin my nap towels once (once is enough when he gets it right).  He folds the BIG towels lengthwise edged to middles first.  THen  he folds in the top halfway an the bottom halfway, then in half again.  That way, there are NO edges to bother me.

An that's really impawtant when yer a Princess.

And that PEASANT, Iza, cant bother me up here, which also matters...