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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We are all just loungin around near the deck door (well thats where the sun comes in, ya know) waitin fer TBT ta get up, feed us, an let us outside.  Which is sort of around Noon.  Which sort of keeps us away from the Morning Mousies. 

But we've learned that walking all over him in the morning has no effect, so we have given up on that.  We just enjoy the morning sunpuddles when they appear.  And wait.  And Wait.  AND WAIT!  We know what yer thinking, but he's good enough in his awake times that its worth not biting his ears.  He has Magic Fingers and thumbs to open food cans, and open doors and all that...

Well annyway, we are just chillaxin this morning...
I'm checkin on Marleys ears.  He is allus clean as new snow mostly, but he sometimes gets a tick, so I look for them.  
None today.
(But I like licking his ears annyway)
We hope ya are all having a good Easy Sunday too.