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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Iza an I were pawing at the deck door this morning.  Iza even dared special efforts ta wake TBT up.  An we dont usually do that (household rules).

But a birdie committed birdicide on the glass door and we WERE kinna anxious ta get out there and check it out. 
Amazingly, Iza DID get TBT up and moving, so he took this picture of it.

I wish I (OK "we") could claim the kill, but it was stiff before we got near it.  We (and TBT too) figure annything stupid enough to crash into the winders is fair games fer US.  HE calls it "Evolution In Action".  WE call it "Play Time".

Iza an Me played with it fer an hour.  It dedded itself, so who cares.  We just wanted ta get at it before some darn varmint did.

So OUR Day got off to a real good start!  We hope yours did too.