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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Worrisome Wensday

AYLA:  We had another Stranger in the house today!  TBT says we better get used to it cuz there are THINGS he is havin done in and around the house fer a few months.

We dint see this ourselfs, cuz we were stayin safe out in the garage, but TBT kindly took some pictures so we could see what was goin on afterwards.  This guy came and sealed our front door and attached a humongous fan.  He was tryin ta suck all the air out of our house!  Apparently, he was tryin ta learn how leaky our house was.
He hadda bunch of gadgets to measure it.  And our house seems ta be leaky!
So it seems that more Strangers will be comin ta do some, um, "anti-leaky" werk soon.

We are NOT thrilled...

When the guy left, TBT let us out of the garage.  Only it seemed like just Iza and Me.  Marley dint come runnin in with us.  So he thought fer a minnit and looked at the hole in the garage ceiling where the door-opener-machine is.  Sure enough, Marley stuck his head out and looked down.  He dint really wanna come back in at first.  But he finally did an hopped down onto the car.
The flashy-box was a little slow.  MOL!