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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:    Hi an welcome to the Garden Tour.  Fer once, it isn't raining.  I'm back here behind the Coneflowers.
And Marley is joining us back by the small pond.  It a TWO-FER!
You can see more Coneflowers above.  But THE flower ta see this week is the lilies below!   They are SPECTACULAR and they smell great too.  Like perfume.
The Torch plants are opening up, and will get fuller of flowers.
And be careful walkin here!  The blackberries are fruiting, but some stems are on the ground and they have thornies.
The Black Eye Susans above are blooming too.  And THOSE are just the volunteers from past years fallen seeds!

I love the Summer blooms.  They are the showiest.

Now lets get up on the deck in the shade and roll around and have some treats.  Today, there are ONLY treats.  MOL!  TBT decided that this time.  There are crunchy ones and chewy ones, fishy ones and poultry ones, Nippy ones and, well, non-nippy ones.  And we have 2 drinks.  One is clean pond water with nip.  The other is cream and toona juice.  We drink out of the pond all the time, so its OK.

Thank you all fer coming on todays garden tour with me (OK and Marley)...