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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

Sorry Im late!  We got our days mixed up.  We thought yesserday was Tuesday with our Blog-Writing Post, but then today we noticed our scheduled Whisker Hump Wensday post also showed up yesserday (and, BTW, yes TBT still collects our whiskers).  So we just realized that today was Thursday!

First, up on the deck, we have some containers.  This is one of the 3 with Caladiums.  They have such big colorful leaves!
And here is one with a couple leftover Caladiums stuck in with some Moonbeam Coreopsis.  Its an "inneresting" combination...
Then just off the deck here, there are some orange Crocosma (if I got that right).  They dont bloom a lot or fer very long, but they are hardy so TBT just leaves them alone.  This year, some Black-Eyed Susans started sneakin in among them.
Then there is this bigger patch.  And they are all volunteers!  There are more here than where TBT planted some deliberately, so he has decided to let THEM decide where they want to grow.
One last Daylily flower popped open today.   And, yes thats a poison ivy next ta it, so be careful to ta rub against it.  Yer Beins will NOT be happy iffen ya bring some of the oil home on yer furs...
The largest patch of annual flowers are filling in.  They are the white an orange Zinnias TBT grew from seeds.  I'll have ta remind him that the patch is getting a bit weedy.
Here are some of the Coneflowers behind the Zinnias.  They seem ta be thinning out a bit, so TBT will be dividing them this Fall ta refresh the row.
And here is the latest of the Star-Gazer Lilies.  There were 11 buds this year.  Sadly, only 2 are left ta open.
Lastly, there is the row of Hydrangeas.  They bloom funny.  The flowers start bright white, but then turn green before they die off.  We havent seen many green flowers before.

Well, lets lounge around on the lawn fer treats this week.  Its unusually cool fer August so far.  Only 80F today.   Marley an Ayla have come up with ham and Niptinis today.  And I think the crunchy treats are salmon-flavor!

Thank you all fer coming on the Tour this week!