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Monday, August 11, 2014

MayhemCat Monday

IZA:  Im taking it over today.  Marley just dint wanna do anny pictures.  OK, so MEBBE I whispered in his ears this morning that he dint HAVE to do a Mancat Monday EVRY Monday...  An he was all aggragated, aggeretated, annoyed at not catchin anny frogs yesserday.

So I claim today!

What an I offerrin?  Mayhem!  On the towel what covers the otto-man annyway.  I beat that towel to death daily.  I claw/bite/rip/bunnykick that thing all the time.  TBT is AMAZED at how the towel lasts.  Well, there ARE 2 of them, but still, they are at least 20 years old and still last.
I love ta pull it down kicking and clawing all the time.  Me, not the towel.  Towel suffers in utter silence...
Here, Im checking to make sure it is utterly dead.
But ya know what TBT does after all that after I leave it?  He just puts it back on the otto-man!  No respect for my deathly werk on it at all.  He should at least go bury it outside.  But he keeps it around.

Mebbe as a trophy of my lethal ways...